Top 10 interesting facts about Uzbekistan 🇺🇿

credit : Hindustan Times

1) Uzbekistan is landlocked and fringes Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. 

2) The vast majority of the land highlights sandy desert with rises. Some stream valleys are found close Zarafshon, Sirdaryo and Amu Darya. The nation encounters a desert atmosphere with rare precipitation. The summers are exceptionally sweltering and the winters extremely chilly. 

3) This is the most mainstream of the five previous Soviet republics in Central Asia with 26 million occupants. The Russians and Tajiks represent 10%, 3% Kazhiks and ethnic Uzbeks are about 80%. 

4) Uzbekistan get freedom from the Soviet Union in 1991. 

5) The administration of Uzbekistan works through its authoritative, official and legal executive's bodies. 

6) Tashkent is the capital and business center of Uzbekistan. It fills in as a noteworthy transport intersection for the nation. It has numerous vacation destinations. 

7) Uzbekistan has been censured vigorously by the West for maltreatment of human rights.  

8) Hosts a key US airbase and is a partner of Washington in the war on fear based oppression. 

9) Uzbekistan is independent in vitality with substantial oil and gas saves. It is one of the best ten makers of gold and best five cotton makers on the planet. 

10)The dialect talked in Uzbekistan is Uzbek  which is impacted in the cutting edge times by tongue gatherings of Oguz, Karluk and Kipchak.
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